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to be seen. for "nightly business report," i'm jackie deangelis. >>> while energy prices creep higher, so does optimism about the recovery in the u.s. housing market. one of the nation's largest home builders say the fundamentals in the real estate turn around are strong, and that an increase in home prices is not a bad thing. >> what we're seeing is that prices are moving up, not because costs are moving up so much, but because demand is getting so strong, we're seeing some freeing up in the mortgage market. so there is some liquidity out there. >> two subsidiaries of is sc capital hedge fund are paying a record amount to settle insider trading charges. the units have agreed to pay more than $600 million to settle claims from the securities and exchange commission over improper trading in two stocks. the s.e.c. said it might still investigate individuals at the firm. >>> on capitol hill today, jpmorgan came under fire at a senate hearing. bank executives were grilled about more than $6 billion in trading losses due to a series of botched trades orchestrated by a trader now infamously kno
the economy gets better, puts off the grand bargain, makes progress on immigration and energy, deals with gun control however it gets dealt with and thin waits to do a grand bargain deal after the mid terms on the hope that his party has success in the mid terms and he can strike a deal on better economy and more favorable terms in congress. >> rose: i thought that's exactly what i said. he will not make a decision now and will have a hard bargain. the only thing we seem to differ is whether the republicans will be blamed. >> i didn't mean to say i disagree with you except to say it's not giving up on the next year and-a-half because you do, immigration and energy. the president's got his eye on his big promises and immigration and energy are two of the big promises. if he can move along on fiscal stuff, get a sense of where the bargain lies on tax reform, corporate and individual, gets a sense of how obamacare is working and what an overhaul of obamacare would mean. he can move those things along. get immigration and energy out of the way. there's only so much bandwidth at any given time. g
included energy infrastructure, levies, and inland waterways. inland waterways getting a d-minus, barely above a failing grade. how, if you know, does the u.s. infrastructure compare with that of other countries? in some surveys, very poorly, i believe. >> well, what we do know is that our infrastructure is a part of our competitiveness in the world. if we want to be competitive we need to invest. we can look at things such as china investing some 9% in their infrastructure. europe investing 5% of their gdp in infrastructure. yet you look at the united states, and we're down around 2%. and that's about half of what we invested 50 years ago. >> what about bridges? where -- how -- you know, there have been major stories having to do with the safety of our bridges, that major collapse in minneapolis a few years ago, are they getting better or not? >> yes. they're actually getting better. they improved over our 2009 report card. again, reflecting an increase investment in bridges. we're seeing that around the nation as local leaders step up and start replacing bridges that need to be replace
natural resources to create energy. it's relied very heavily on nuclear power and that nuclear power became a subject of great controversy after the power plant disaster followed the tsunami. what's the state of play now? is japan abandoning its stated desire to move away from nuclear energy? >> well, the reaction you just describe exactly what happened in tokyo or in japan as i should say in the immediate 12 months that followed. the government at that time partly because they were very much aware that they could not respond to the nuclear melt down as well as they could have so they went completely the other way and declared that japan will be a nuclear power plant free country in some 20 to 25 years from now. however, since then japanese expands two summers and as you may know wherever you are it's very humid, hot, much, much worse than the d.c./metropolitan area. people actually feel the power shortages and the implication of trying to reduce their dependence on nuclear power in a too soon, too short time span. the current government has a little bit more balanced approach, they
. the president is saying what he made a mistake with in 2008 and 2009 was he didn't bring all the energy of his campaign -- he didn't enengage that in selling his agenda. gwen: he could have done that when he had another campaign to run, right? >> his organizing for america then just went into the d.n.c. and it was uneffective. the question is how is he going to make this effective because he's not getting the donors because they prefer to give to candidates in a race rather than for some broad agenda cause. and it's different to ask? be to vote than to ask them to call their congressman. so we'll see if they can get it to work this time but it's not a guarantee. gwen: so what is the path of the grand bargain is there is one to be had? >> i don't know if there is necessarily one to be had. i guess the question is there something to be had that gets us to the point where we can say the economy is getting better and we don't foresee anything pushing it off course. if the president wants anything that he talked about in his state of the union address and his inaugural to come through, we need mone
for peaceful energy production. as the arab uprisings convulse the president viewed a missile battery of the iron dome defense system-- heavily financed by the u.s., which knocked scores of rockets from the sky during brief november war with gaza. the president's remarks heavy with allusions to millenia of jewish history in the holy land and a nod to the broad purposes of his trip. >> across this region the winds of change bring both promise and peril. so i see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds between our nations, to restate america's unwavering commitment to israel's security, and to speak directly to the people of israel and to your neighbors. >> warner: he was referring to another focus of this visit: to listen to what israeli and palestinian leaders say they're willing to do to revive the stalled peace process between them. later at a press conference at the prime minister's jerusalem residence, the president was asked about yesterday's possible chemical weapons attack in northern syria. mr. obama said last year that if the regime used such weapons, i
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on "nightly business report," we'll be looking at the impact of higher energy costs on the consumer price index. we'll learn how confident consumers are right now with the michigan survey out. and we'll get alan greenspan's views on the economy right now. first here's a look at the international markets and how they did today. >>> a big night in the big apple for samsung tonight. it's expected to launch its newest smartphone, the galaxy s4. the company rented radio city music hall for the unveiling. samsung hopes it will help it gain share over apple's popular iphone. apple is still number one with 34% share. samsung has 19%. joining us with more, dennis berman from "the wall street journal." dennis, a lot of hype for this new samsung phone. what's new? what are the bells and whistles? >> of course, the hype -- it's supposed to be unveiled at radio city music hall. they chose a pretty cool venue for it. they're not saying precisely, but there have been some things that leaked out their business speculation. one of the possibilities is perhaps that the phone follows your eye. so as you loo
maintains its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes. it was energy of a different kind that took the president to illinois today. he called for cars that go coast to coast without gasoline. mr. obama toured the argonne national laboratory outside chicago and talked up his proposal for new auto research. the focus would be on bio-fuels and better batteries for electric cars. the president wants congress to authorize $2 billion over the next decade for the research. north dakota may become the first state to ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected. that could be as early as six weeks after conception. the state senate approved the ban today and sent it to republican governor jack dalyrymple. he opposes abortion, but has not said whether he would sign the bill into law. gay marriage has picked up a prominent new supporter, senator rob portman of ohio. it makes him the only republican in the u.s. senate to take that position. portman explained his change of heart in "the columbus dispatch". he said it began two years ago, when his college-age son told his family that h
priorities. say agriculture, decentralizing electrical energy. that must have -- in africa the portable telephone is a big revolution because of the telephone. and then school, hospitals. but we have to start immediately there, you know. in order to bring sahel, link it to all africa. because remember that the new event in the world is that africa global speaking, not sahel is moving. if you think -- statistics of china, but after that there's africa. >> rose: yes. low base. >> low base, of course. please don't misunderstand me. they are in terrible poverty. horrible. but when you ten years ago i should have told to you look i am desperate. now i am beginning to hope, let us say beginning to hope and so the aim of the secretary-general is to help sahel link it to other africa infrastructure and so on. on the other side we have to collect money to do it. and you have to remember this, that different from syria, afghanistan. here, you have all the security council together because everybody is frightened by the new terrorists. so you have not let's say one day russia -- you have china,
of the energy from the party now? who won the c-pac straw poll, rand paul not an establishment republican, a person from the libertarian wing of the party. they are not together on some of the mechanical things. the report recommends going to primaries as opposed to caucuses and conventions because that's a broader electorate. well, caucuses and conventions are the way somebody like a rand paul or even a rick santorum is going to be able to be a real competitor for the nomination. >> ifill: it talks about cutting in half the number of primary debates. a little bit of the early season cannibalization doesn't occur. >> we see this after party loses a presidential race or two. >> whatever they did last time. they try to do something else. but i think the problem for the r.n.c. is this. our politics and our lives, our world, has changed. we're no longer... politics is no longer dominated by the hierarchical national parties that 40, 50 years ago could dictate who can run for office and when to have conventions and raise the money. you have all these other sources of power and influence, wheth
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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